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$QCOM for the Gap fill (Chart Inside)

$NOK August $9 Calls are stressing me out

Still feel like we will break upwards on some news with AMZN.  $MSFT and $NOK calls were going like crazy a few weeks back.  there was a report of AMZN using $nok software in their upcoming smartphone.

Who knows, all i know is that NOK has a fat div coming, and an estimated earnings date of JUL 17th.  Huge OI in july and AUG.  AUG calls out weight puts by ALOT.

Smething is up here, AUG OI hasn't sold off, down around 50% from their initial buy in.  must mean bigger picture stuff

Chart attached

$PG looking for a 2nd Breakout!! Div increase Coming?

Keep $pg On watch for break out.  can be $80++ soon! Options are very cheap because this stock hasn't moved in a month!

$PG should be announcing their 55th annual DIV increase any day now.  notice we broke the 50DMA the other day with SPY being red.

keep this on watch, should return to $80 area soon!


Check out the trend line from the last high.  stopped in its tracks today.  maybe tomorrow?

$RAI Reynolds Heavy August call volume (Chart)

$RAI Reynolds has a lot of bullish call volume in august.  Look to break this trend line soon?  time will tell.  MACD getting bullish, lets see what next week brings before following in!

$MCD Mcdonald's double bottom in... looking to break 200 DMA, move to $97+++ in the cards!

Looking good today, green on a red day! look for $MCD to break the 200 DMA and move into the $97+ area.